The international airport on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand conducted its annual major exercise and invited Bangkok Airways to be the host airline.

It gets a little complicated here because the airline also owns the airport.

The Bangkok Airways Crisis Management Team (CMT) are responsible for coordinating the emergency response for both the airline and airport. Each has its own independent plans, operating procedures and resources.

Talk about jumping in at the deep end…. The airline (our client) also decided to “Stress-Test” the newly acquired Airline Crisis & Emergency Incident Management System (ACE-IMS) at the same time.

For the CMT this was their first real exposure to the new system so a pre-exercise introductory session was provided to highlight the key functions of the system and the ACE-RESPONSE team were present to lend a hand.

Over 40 airline users registered onto the new system which then formed the crisis response team in line with their existing “ICS” protocols and procedures.

The team and system performed exceedingly well.

  • The onboard satellite imagery provided by ACE-IMS provided a valuable overview of the incident scene for Airport team and having the passenger manifest imported directly onto ACE-IMS proved invaluable for the Crisis Call Centre team.
  • The tailored database of all airline response team members at every destination station also proved invaluable for alerting other airports of an enhanced security level being adopted.
  • Too many benefits of having the system to list here but the real highlight of the response process was using the unique Crisis Management Guides program provided on ACE-IMS and the outcome was that a comprehensive, effective and efficient, risk-based action plan was created, assigned and reviewed by the CMT without a checklist in sight.

To finish off the event, the exercise players are required to log back into ACE-IMS and complete an “After-Action-Review”. This enables the Emergency Response Planning Team to compile the perfect debrief summary report and consider and implement any recommendations for change.

Well done to all who took part. A great effort.

You can checkout ACE-IMS and witness for yourself the inimitable empowerment it provides to limit the potential disruption caused by an airline crisis.

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