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Additional Features & Functions

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Unlimited User Registrations: $40

ACE-IMS System Upgrades: $80

Client-Specific Unlimited Airport List: $20

Interactive Response Team Organization Chart: $40

Client-Specific Passenger Data Import CSV File Template: $80

Interactive Incident Maps Panel: $40

Client-Specific Interactive Checklists Panel: $80

Facilities, Contacts, Suppliers & File Library Panels Data Upload: $60

ACE-IMS User Multilingual Web-Based Training Program: $80

ACE-IMS User Multilingual Web-Based Assessment Program: $40

ACE-IMS User Live Chat - PC User Video Conference Call: $80

2-Day Client-Site Management Team Training Course (excl. Travel & Hotel): $120

100-User ACE-MANAGE Web-Based Multilingual Management Team Training Program: $80

250-User ACE-COMMUNICATE Web-Based Multilingual Response Team Communications Training Program: $120

500-User ACE-RESPOND Web-Based Multilingual Response Team Training Program: $400


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from USD 998 pcm

from USD 1,666 pcm


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